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We are one of the biggest water sports pro shop in Singapore ranging from water sports apparels to a sailboat, windsurfing, SUP and Kitesurfing equipment.

Housed within the premises of NSRCC Sea Sports Centre, Constant Wind Pro Shop offers the public and members alike with an extensive range of sea sports gears from sailing dinghies, sailboards, sails to fashion apparel and accessories. Now with our new Pro Shop online, shopping makes it easier for everyone to purchase locally or overseas, anything that related to sea/water sports. And with patience, we will gradually increase the latest and most popular products from our brands like; Neil Pryde, JP Australia, Bic, Gill, Laser, CRX Kites and more.

You could also shop at our physical Pro Shop for almost everything you need from beginners to the professionals. Location & contact: https://constantwind.com/contact/

Thank you and enjoy shopping.

TAEKO Sunscreen

SPF50+ PA++++

Provides the ultimate performance.

This sunscreen is people-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Guards completely against ultraviolet ray sand allows for stress-free skin.

The main features of TAEKO Sunscreen

  • Althrough this sunscreen is the waterproof type, it is easily washed off with soap.
  • It doesn’t smell like a common sunscreen.
  • It spreads well without white tinges.
  • Alcaligenes Polysaccharides supply water, and the water veil from Alcaligenes Polysaccharides make for good skin condition.
  • Taeko Sunscreen is designed using ingredients which are friendly to people and the environment.


Award-Winning Touring Shapes

Designed for efficiency and stability the WING series offers a smooth and effortless paddling experience. Perfect for sunrise cruises along your local lake, destination day-tripping to secluded spots as well as serious exploration in extreme conditions. A full vee entry transitions to a displacement hull through the nose into a flat planing hull under foot and out the tail. This unique design gives the WING impressive glide as well as stability, allowing you to go further, faster and quieter than on a traditional board.

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